PRICE : ₩29,000(US$23.32)
* Shipping Charge : ₩6,000(US$4.83)
                  (over ₩100,000 free shipping)

* DELIVERY : about 1 month
   BC/DIA (8.8/14.4)
  ·PWR ·CY ·AX ·Q'TY
   BC/DIA (8.8/14.4)
  ·PWR ·CY ·AX ·Q'TY

Focus Dailies Toric is not only the world's first but also the world’s best selling daily disposable toric contact lens, assuring you both clear and comfortable vision.


Blink-activated moisturising agent
Easy to insert through inversion mark and visibility tint
Comfort and convenience

Lens Type
Astigmatic Daily disposable
Package Details
30 lenses per box
Material Content
Water Content

※ Product Delivery
1. If your item happens to be out of stock we will reorder from our suppliers and obtain the lenses as soon as possible.
   Once we have your lens in stock, we will ship them within a few days, usually the next day.
   It typically takes 10 days to receive your lenses provided they are in stock.
   Toric lenses are manufactured specifically for each individual.
    Therefore, it may take up to four weeks (in rare cases longer) for delivery.
2. Should your lenses be out of stock, we will send you a notification email with an estimated shipping/delivery date.
3. Toric lenses will typically be subject to extended delivery times due to special individual orders that have to be made with
4. If your order contains more than 4 boxes of lenses, it might be shipped in multiple packages.

※ Shipping Charges
1. Daily Type ₩3,000(US$2.42) per box
    Weekly & Monthly Type ₩2,500(US$2.02) per box
2. Get FREE shipping - on orders over ₩100,000


※ Return Policy
1.You may also get a refund or exchange if the lenses are not the correct ones as per your order.
   If you wish to exchange or return the contact lenses, please e-mail us ( )
   ※After we approved your case, we will inform you about the return address.
2. If the lenses are determined to be defective or we made a mistake concerning your order, we will replace them with new lenses
   as soon as possible. In this case we will of course exchange the items for new products and pay the cost of shipping
   or refund the entire purchase price (products + shipping).
3. If you simply do not like the contact lenses or made an incorrect order, You should pay shipping cost for exchanges or cancel.